Patient Reviews

“Seeing the difference within 24 hours, I just think it’s amazing!”


Lens Surgery Patient
November 2020

Alan had been relying on contact lenses and glasses for over 10 years. Having two different prescriptions meant it was difficult for him to alter between various tasks and after battling with the inconvenience for so long he decided to opt for lens replacement surgery at Optical Express.

In his job working in the NHS, Alan found that his eyes would often dry out while using computers meaning he would need to rely on eye drops.  He explained “At the beginning it's fine but actually, it’s never-ending. That really was the catalyst for the change.”

Like many people, Alan has done some research before opting for his treatment and took the first step with Optical Express by booking a free consultation, “I went for my free consultation at Optical Express and everybody was really good and really quite friendly, quite smooth, there was no pressure and I just thought actually it seemed an ideal thing to use.”

On the day of surgery, Alan felt at ease and was well looked after by the clinic team. ‘It was a very smooth day and actually by the afternoon even within hours things were okay. I went to the shop and I could see things clearer.”

Post-surgery, Alan couldn’t believe the difference in his vision in just 24 hours, “Seeing the difference within 24 hours I just think it’s just amazing and it is very simple.’ When asked whether he would recommend lens replacement surgery to his friends and family, Alan commented, “‘it wasn’t painful, so I would think everyone should have it. I mean I really do think it has changed things already.”