Patient Reviews

“It couldn’t have been simpler and it couldn’t have been quicker.”

Alex McLeish

Former Professional Football Manager & Footballer, Lens Surgery Patient
July 2020

Former Scottish Football Manager and player, Alex McLeish, struggled with his deteriorating eye sight for a number of years. Contact lenses were not for him and so he found himself relying on cheap reading glasses.

Back in the day when I started with the reading glasses, the cheap reading glasses, I actually thought about contact lenses but it kind of frightened me and I think probably at the age I was at, you’re a bit more intimidated about these things.”

It was the advanced technology available that helped Alex make his decision to have lens replacement surgery with Optical Express as he knew he was getting treated with the best possible equipment available in the industry, “I was in this room full of testing cameras, and there was about twenty cameras and I thought ‘surely it’s just one camera [they will use]’ but I think they did all twenty cameras.  Each one was for a different purpose, so the technology was absolutely top drawer.

When it came to his surgery, Alex was astonished at how quick the treatment was, “It couldn’t have been simpler and it couldn’t have been quicker. Actually when he [the surgeon] said ‘That’s it’ I thought ‘Are you sure?’ After that I stood up and I thought ‘I can’t believe it was so simple. Anybody who has not gone through and it is about to go through it.  Relax, it’s no problem.,”

Alex was astonished by the results, “The first time I walked out the surgery I picked up my mobile phone and I saw the small print and I was actually reading it, because it was a blur to me before, immediately it raises your confidence.” He has also received a number of compliments from his friends since ditched his glasses, “Since I got the procedure done, a lot of my friends have commented that I look younger, so I’ve got to take that compliment!”

After being asked if he would recommend the surgery Alex said, “I would have no hesitation in recommending Optical Express.  From the way I was received, the treatment, the aftercare.  And I would also have no hesitation in recommending the surgery to family and friends because I believe it would change their lives.”

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