Patient Reviews

“I can take in the world in a different way, it’s been life-changing.”


Laser Eye Surgery
March 2021

When Amy started training in musical theatre, she decided to make the switch to contact lenses as she found her glasses to be an inconvenience on stage.

Spending the following years trying to make them work for her, she realised that she often still had to rely on her glasses throughout the day, and grew increasingly frustrated with having to alternate between both options. Also suffering from two ulcers and an eye infection in her left eye as a result of her contact lenses, she decided it was time to look for a different solution.  

When the global COVID-19 pandemic also led to her spending more time at home behind a screen, drying out her eyes and causing her contact lenses to fold up, Amy decided to start looking into laser eye surgery. “More screen time made my eyes drier, which made my contact lenses fold up in my eyes. I have to then find them up in my eye. I went to my current contact lens provider and said ‘What can you do?’ and they said, ‘If we need to change anything it will be increased by £30 a month. Then I thought, If I’m paying £50 to £60 a month on contact lenses that aren’t really pleasing me very well, I may as well look into different options,” she explains.

Booking in for treatment at our Nottingham clinic, Amy has been delighted with the service and support she has received throughout her journey with us. With staff members and her surgeon taking the time to guide her through the process and discuss any questions or concerns, she felt at ease going into surgery: “As soon as I went into the surgical environment everything was really clear. Everyone was very professional and friendly, I felt at ease straight away.”

Waking up the next morning, she was surprised to find that her vision had already improved significantly: “As soon as I woke up this morning, I thought ‘Oh it’s been a success, I don’t have to reach for my glasses. I don’t have to try and find things on my side table. As soon as I woke up I just got out of bed and it was brilliant!” Referring to the procedure as ‘life-changing’, she is excited to get back on stage and finally be able to properly see and engage with her audience. A relaxing holiday is also on the cards, with Amy commenting that a hassle-free flight and trip “is the most exciting thing coming up.”

Over the moon with her results, Amy wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Optical Express to friends and family. “It’s been friendly and professional, I’ve been constantly at ease the whole time and I’ve got my eyesight back. I feel amazing, I can see everybody, I can take in the world in a different way, and I feel great. 100% I would recommend it, it’s been life-changing,” she comments.