Patient Reviews

“The difference is amazing. It’s the best thing I have ever done”

Andy Cameron

Comedian, Lens Surgery Patient
March 2020

One of Scotland’s best loved entertainers, comedian Andy Cameron, had worn glasses for over 40 years before having lens replacement surgery with Optical Express.

“There were challenges in hot weather when you sweat, your eyes get all sweaty and your glasses steam up. There were challenges as well in that if somebody asked you to read something, even with your glasses on [it was difficult to read], you know it’s not a big challenge but it was there.”

Andy isn’t alone in these symptoms. Declining vision is a natural part of the ageing process. As you get older, your vision will gradually get worse, as the lens in your eyes begin to harden. This is completely normal but can cause a lot of problems when it comes to reading, watching television or trying to focus on things.

Since his surgery, Andy has found a new sense of confidence in everyday life and especially on the golf course, “I certainly feel more confident because you’re not worrying in case something hits your glasses.

I enjoy golf a lot better because I see better. The first time I played golf since getting my surgery I went ‘wow’.  A couple of my friends said to me ‘you’re hitting the ball really well’ and that’s because I could see the ball properly,”

Andy underwent his treatment in the Optical Express clinic in Glasgow, St Vincent Street and was highly impressed with the service he received “The attention to detail that you get and the professionalism at Optical Express is unbelievable. They take you into a room with 20 different machines; they look thoroughly into your eyes and what’s behind it, and if there is going to be any problems they will know. They are complete professionals and I would say that that puts you at ease. It helps you to relax which helps them to do their work properly.”