Patient Reviews

“I would definitely recommend Optical Express, everything has been really professional and I’m really pleased.”


Lens Replacement Surgery
January 2021

Ann struggled with the inconvenience of glasses and found that they negatively impacted her everyday life. On much-loved shopping trips, she found she was unable to browse shops freely and couldn’t see prices on items without holding them directly up to her eyes, taking any enjoyment away from the shopping experience. When driving, especially at night, she grew increasingly more aware of her deteriorating vision and struggled to see even with glasses, endangering herself and other road users.

Ann enjoys an active lifestyle with one of her favourite hobbies being outdoor hiking. During her hiking trips she relied on her glasses to read maps and to enjoy the picturesque views yet, she explained “Carrying glasses all the time was becoming a burden.”

As a nurse, Ann works in close contact with patients and expressed that with the coronavirus pandemic and having to wear face masks, “The whole thing has just become more and more difficult.” Eventually, her frustrations become overbearing and Ann chose to have lens replacement surgery at Optical Express.

On the day of surgery, Ann spoke with other patients in the waiting area of the Liverpool clinic about their reasons for having surgery and explained: “It was nice to be in a room talking to other people.” Having spoken with people who were also undergoing the life-changing procedure, it reassured Ann she was making the right decision.

Ann was understandably apprehensive prior to the surgery, however, afterwards, she expressed “There was no reason for me to be anxious.” She was thrilled with her experience, explaining that the Optical Express clinic team were all ‘very friendly’ and made her feel at ease throughout her time in the clinic. Excited to see the results, she couldn’t believe how bright everything was and how much her vision had been transformed.

Initially opting for the surgery to improve her near vision, Ann admits she didn’t realise how poor her distance vision was until she saw the difference after surgery. Now that her vision is so much clearer, Ann hopes to be able to enjoy hiking without having to worry about glasses to be able to really enjoy the beautiful scenery.

When asked if she would recommend Optical Express for lens replacement surgery Ann commented, “I would definitely recommend Optical Express, everything from the first phone to coming here today has been really professional and I’m really pleased.”