Patient Reviews

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life.”


Private Cataract Surgery
February 2021

Ann first started wearing multifocal glasses for reading but overtime, as her eyesight continued to deteriorate, she also ended up dependent on them for distance vision.  Suffering from an astigmatism which also affected her balance and ability to walk Ann was also reliant on a walking stick for mobility.

After suffering a number of falls due to her poor vision and balance, Ann lost all confidence in herself and her independence began to suffer. She explained: “I have no confidence, I had no confidence in myself. That’s why I couldn’t go anywhere, on my own.” Having to rely on other people to help her perform day to day tasks like shopping, she often found that she was unable to leave the house if she didn’t have a friend or family member to accompany her.  Ann was also apprehensive about travelling on public transport and avoided buses as much as possible which meant she had to rely on taxis in order to get out and about.

On a visit to the optometrist for her regular eye test, it was discovered that Ann had developed cataracts and this was the cause of her deteriorating vision.  If left untreated cataracts continue to get worse over time and can eventually lead to blindness.  Deciding it was time to restore her sight and gain her independence back, Ann decided to go ahead with lens replacement treatment at Optical Express to treat her cataracts.

Ann was treated at her local Optical Express surgery clinic in Liverpool where she was absolutely delighted with the service she received, commenting “My surgeon was marvellous and he put me at ease, he was lovely.”  

From wearing glasses for more than 20 years, Ann was truly amazed by the results of her surgery noticing a massive improvement in just 24 hours. Having now regained some of the freedom and confidence she had previously lost, Ann is excited to start living her life to the fullest once again commenting; “I can go where I want to go now. Go on public transport, walk to where I need to go and I don’t need a stick.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life.”

When asked if she would recommend cataract surgery with Optical Express Ann wouldn’t hesitate and said: “I would recommend Optical Express, I have had a marvellous experience and I’m ready for anything now.”