Patient Reviews

"The staff were just fantastic, so reassuring and kind."


Lens Replacement Surgery
March 2021

Suffering from severe short-sightedness from a young age, Anne finally decided to opt for lens replacement surgery when she found out that she also had a cataract forming in her left eye. As her sister suffered from cataracts and was in desperate need of surgery, but was forced to remain on the NHS waiting list for over a year in anticipation of treatment, Anne decided that she wasn’t prepared to wait that long and booked an appointment at our clinic in Glasgow.

“My sister has been waiting for over a year for an NHS operation, and she had gotten to the stage where she wasn’t seeing, she didn’t feel safe driving but the NHS were saying that she’s still quite well down on the list. So, knowing the wait that she had, I decided I’m not prepared for that kind of wait,” she explains.

Receiving treatment at our state-of-the-art clinic in Glasgow, Anne was pleased with the support and service she received on the day of surgery, as staff members took the time to address any questions or concerns and made sure she felt comfortable: “The staff were just fantastic, so reassuring and kind.” While she was slightly apprehensive at first, Anne was surprised to find that she felt completely at ease throughout the procedure, commenting: “The surgery itself was amazing, I was completely awake throughout it all but completely relaxed. I didn’t feel a thing, I couldn’t feel anybody working on my eye.”

The one thing that Anne is now looking forward to is a visit to the swimming pool. Prior to her surgery, poor eyesight meant that she never felt completely comfortable while swimming and her husband would have to wait outside the changing room to make sure she didn’t make any bad trips or falls. “He used to have to wait outside the changing room for me to tell me ‘There’s a step there, watch out’. He had to point everything out to me and now I’ll be able to just go and see everything around me, not trip over a step because obviously, I couldn’t wear contact lenses when I was swimming. That’s one of the things I’m looking forward to,” she says.

When asked if she would recommend lens replacement surgery at Optical Express to friends and family, Anne commented: “I would certainly recommend it based on what my vision is even now, a day after. Throughout the process, the staff have been fantastic. I mean, one person is nicer than the next. They are all just lovely.”