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Struggling with NHS waiting times, opting for private cataract treatment changed Audrey’s life.


Cataract Surgery
November 2020

Audrey had never had issues with her eyesight until she suddenly noticed her vision starting to deteriorate.  She decided to go for an eye test to find out more only to discover she had cataracts developing in both of her eyes.

At first, Audrey thought she had time on her side and the cataracts would progressively get worse over a longer period of time. However, she was shocked to discover that her vision deteriorated much more rapidly than she initially thought, causing her great upset. Eventually, her vision became so bad that Audrey lost all confidence and had to stop driving and eventually also stop working.

Cataracts are extremely common but the impact they can have on patient’s health and wellbeing can be significant.  Cataracts cause cloudiness on the lens of a patient’s eye, damaging their vision and eventually leading to blindness if left untreated. Predominately affecting older people, the restricted vision caused by cataracts can hinder exercise and other outdoor activities, harming patients’ wider physical wellbeing and mental health. Poor vision is also a contributing factor in trips and falls, the injuries from which place a major strain on the NHS and their wider resources.

Audrey firstly contacted the NHS regarding her cataracts but grew increasingly frustrated at the long waiting time she was having to endure.  The impact of lengthy waiting lists on patients’ health can be severe and in the delay between scheduling surgery and receiving treatment – the time spent on the NHS waiting list – a patient’s sight, health and wellbeing can significantly deteriorate.

Eventually, Audrey and her family became overwhelmed with frustration and opted to have her cataracts treated at Optical Express – the UK’s number one private provider. At Optical Express our nationwide network of clinics means we can treat cataracts in a matter of weeks. Plus, at Optical Express both eyes can be treated on the same day lessening any stress and anxiety for patients.

Since having her cataract surgery at Optical Express, Audrey not only has a new lease of life but she has a whole new appreciation for her vision stating that she ‘will never take it for granted now.’

If you or someone you know is suffering from cataracts like Audrey, don’t put your health at risk by enduring long waiting lists.  Book a free consultation today to find out more about private cataract treatment at Optical Express.