Patient Reviews

"I almost cried a few times this morning because everything is so clear."


Lens Replacement Surgery
September 2021

With bad eyesight running in her family, Becky struggled with her vision from a young age. Not feeling comfortable wearing contact lenses, she mostly relied on her glasses but grew increasingly frustrated with the daily irritations that came with wearing them. Finding that they would often fall off in the gym when stretching and that they were a hassle at concerts and festivals, she decided that it was time to make a change and started looking into alternative vision correction solutions.

Unsure whether she would be a suitable candidate for treatment due to her high prescription, she was delighted to learn that lens replacement surgery was available to her as an alternative to laser eye surgery. “I always thought that I couldn’t get it because my eyes were so bad, and classically, before the intraocular lenses were a thing, I wouldn’t have been able to have it,” she explains.

Becky has been treated at our Bristol clinic, where she was looked after by our team of eye care specialists. “The staff were great. Nigel particularly was fantastic, he was the anaesthetist and he was really kind and supportive,” she says. The morning after her surgery, she was ecstatic to find that she now had excellent vision, seeing real definition rather than ‘blobs of fuzz’: “I almost cried a few times this morning because everything is so clear and I can see further than I ever could with glasses, which was great.”

Feeling slightly overwhelmed, Becky reckons that having complete visual freedom will take some getting used to. “I imagine I’m still going to try and take my glasses off at the end of the day for a while,” she comments. Excited to get back to doing the things she loves, she particularly looks forward to her next gym session: “I want to go to the gym and do my stretches, and not have my glasses fall off my face would be a nice one, because I always avoid stretches where I have to look down because they would classically fall off my face.”

Loving life with hassle-free vision, Becky wouldn’t hesitate to recommend lens replacement surgery at Optical Express to her friends and family. “They’ve been professional from start to finish and I think the team yesterday were particularly fantastic,” she concludes.