Patient Reviews

"I’m 20/20 vision, just in the space of 24 hours."


Lens Replacement Surgery
January 2022

After wearing glasses for 18 years, Bernadette decided it was time to upgrade herself “It was between getting a new car which I didn’t really need, or MOT myself. So I MOT’d myself”.

After spending so many years feeling frustrated with the lack of independence due to her eyesight, not even being able to go from room to room without them, Bernadette is overjoyed with her decision.

Bernadette recalls how wearing glasses impacted every area of her life, especially working with children and enjoying activities like arts and crafts. She felt as though by not being able to see properly and constantly asking “Where’s my glasses? Where’s my glasses” she was holding the children back. Now she can’t wait to go back into work and tell everybody about her experience with Optical Express, hoping someone will get the same opportunity she has.

After her surgery Bernadette claims “I feel like a kid just out of school” that’s how happy she is with both her experience and results. Treated at our state of the art clinic in Glasgow city centre she says “From coming in the door to leaving, every single one of the team were lovely”. Bernadette was put at ease by both the surgery team and her surgeon, renowned ophthalmologists Dr David Teenan “I just haven’t got anything negative I could say at all, I was treated to so well”.

Like we hear from so many of our patients, Bernadette wishes she had had the surgery so much sooner “I just wish I wouldn’t have waited so long”. Recommending it to everybody, her advice would be to have lens replacement surgery “sooner rather than later”.