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Olympic Swimmer, Bruno’s career has excelled since having laser eye surgery at Optical Express

Bruno Ortiz-Canavate

Professional Swimmer, Laser Eye Surgery Patient
January 2020

Bruno Ortiz-Canavate is a professional swimmer from Spain who first made his breakthrough in his swimming career when he competed for the University of Michigan where he won many national titles.  He then went on to represent Spain at the Olympics in Rio in 2016.

Bruno has always suffered from poor eyesight and so relied on contact lenses to see “I started wearing contact lenses in 2011.  Every morning, waking up at five o’clock to get ready for morning practice, I would have to put my contact lenses in and that continued for about four years until I got laser eye surgery.”

Contact lenses however, proved to be extremely challenging for Bruno, especially when it came to swimming so he decided to have laser eye surgery with Optical Express, “Whenever you’re in the water, sometimes water gets in your goggle and sometimes then I had trouble seeing the clock, which is important, and trouble turning.  So it’s like a fear factor during practice thinking ‘What if the contact lens falls out?’ and just taking that away with laser eye surgery was a great thing.”

Not only did his swimming career influence him in choosing to have laser eye surgery, but Bruno also received a number of recommendations from his family, “One thing that made me decide to do the surgery was the influence of my family.  My mother and my brother have both had the surgery and their vision is perfect, so I thought ‘why not do it?’”

Bruno is delighted with the improvements laser eye surgery has had on his life and his swimming career.  “It was a very important thing in my life, to see, so that made me choose to have laser eye surgery.”  Since having his surgery Bruno has excelled in his swimming career, and recently broke three national records at the European Short Course Championships.