Patient Reviews

“It has been life changing.”


Laser Eye Surgery
November 2014

Not only were Caroline’s glasses and contact lenses a constant inconvenience in her day to day life, they also caused her to suffer from eye infections and dry eyes.

Fed up with the struggle, Caroline decided to look into laser eye surgery and was excited at the prospect of no longer having to rely on her glasses and contact lenses to see, expressing “I can’t wait to have a life glasses and contact lenses free.”

Caroline went for a free of charge consultation at her local Optical Express clinic and was amazed at the innovative, state of the art technology used.  She felt very well informed by the team and all of her questions were answered.

Since having the surgery, Caroline’s life has been transformed by her new found visual freedom, stating; “It has been life changing, having laser eye surgery has changed my life for the better.”

The care she received from Optical Express didn’t stop on the day of her surgery and was highly impressed by the aftercare she received commenting; “The post-operative care has been great at Optical Express.”