Patient Reviews

“The surgery changed my life”


Lens Replacement Surgery
January 2022

We caught up with our wonderful patient Christina one year after her lens replacement surgery at our state of the art treatment clinic in White City, London. A year down the line she is absolutely overjoyed with her results describing the experience as “really incredible”.

As a busy shop owner Christina is always on the go, especially after adopting two young children, so the transformation lens replacement surgery has had on her life has been enormous. In her limited spare time, Christina also sews fabric and makes bags and it’s this area of her life which has changed the most. Pre-surgery she often struggled to see the colours properly and found it difficult when trying to thread a needle, even with her glasses on. Now she is absolutely delighted by the difference with everything around her commenting, “It’s more beautiful, really more beautiful”.

Hating the way glasses made her feel and with having to wear masks for COVID restrictions, she finally made the decision to have the surgery. Going into our White City clinic, Christina recalls how “all the staff were really kind” and helped her understand everything, whilst taking into consideration the language barrier “everyone made me feel in my comfort zone”. Calling it “really, really good surgery” she was impressed how “just a few minutes changed her life”.

Thrilled with her 20/20 results, Christina urges people not to be apprehensive about lens replacement surgery and to just go for it, commenting; “I’m happy to say it was all perfect honestly”. Being able to see everything now so clearly has brought unparalleled joy and really changed Christina’s outlook on life.