Patient Reviews

"From start to finish, they have been amazing."


Laser Eye Surgery
July 2021

Suffering from poor vision after undergoing squint surgery, Clare grew increasingly worried when she realised that her eyesight had started to deteriorate even further in recent years. Finding glasses to be a nuisance in her already hectic lifestyle as a mother of two young children, she was keen to opt for an alternative vision correction solution that would allow her to spend more hassle-free quality time with her family.

“We have two young children, 3 and 5, so obviously it’s very hectic. I’m never really sat down, I’m always up, I’m running, I’m jumping. So, glasses would be a pain, so I would choose not to wear them for that. Going on holiday, they were just a nuisance. Who wants to sit around the pool wearing glasses just so they can keep an eye on the kids,” she says.

Clare’s husband had opted for laser eye surgery two years prior as he suffered from astigmatism, which meant that he often had to put up with headaches and blurred vision. With treatment having had a major impact on his quality of life, Clare felt increasingly motivated to opt for life-changing surgery herself: “He now doesn’t suffer from headaches, he doesn’t have to worry about his vision. I realised that it was going to be life-changing for him and it has been. So he’s kind of been my motivation through it, and he’s been the one who pushed me to get it done.”

While her previous experience with squint surgery had left her feeling nervous on the day of treatment, she was relieved to find that the procedure had been both quick and pain-free. Delighted with the care and service she received from her surgeon and staff members at our Liverpool clinic, Clare described her experience at Optical Express as ‘amazing’. “Everyone has just been so lovely, explained everything to a T. There hasn’t been any questions I’ve had to ask really. Everything was explained to the point where you’re completely reassured and you feel content knowing exactly what I’m having done and how it’s going to be,” she comments.

Clare is now looking forward to a hassle-free holiday with her family, and is especially excited at the prospect of being able to dive into the pool with her kids. Over the moon with having visual freedom, she wouldn’t hesitate to recommend laser eye surgery at Optical Express to others suffering from poor vision: “I would recommend Optical Express because they are professional. Just everything about them, you can’t fault them, there is not one bad thing I could say about them. From start to finish, they have been amazing.”