Patient Reviews

“My life has been changed and I’m a very satisfied customer.”

Daley Thompson

Laser Eye Surgery
December 2009

Daley, double Olympic gold medallist and former world record holder, attended the Optical Express clinic in Westfield in London so see if he was a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery. After find out at his consultation appointment that he was indeed suitable he was delighted and couldn’t wait to have his treatment.

The main motivating factor for Daley in opting for laser eye surgery was because he had started to notice his eye sight deteriorating and he wasn’t keen on having to rely on glasses or contact lenses. After going through all the options with an optometrist at Optical Express he decided that laser eye surgery was the best option for him.

Speaking after his surgery Daley said “The procedure was absolutely painless and I haven’t had any problems. The staff here at Optical Express have been fantastic and really put me at ease.”

After the surgery, at his post-operative appointment, he was over the moon to discover that he had better than 20/20 vision and that the results would only continue to improve as time went on.

When asked what he would say to other athletes or sportspeople contemplating laser eye surgery he said “I would, and do, say to everyone I meet that laser eye surgery can be life changing and if I ever see any athletes and they ask me if it is worth having it, I would say Optical Express are the people to go to because they are the best at what they do and that is from someone who’s saying it who’s life has been changed and I’m a very satisfied customer.”