Patient Reviews

“Everything seems brighter, clearer.”


Lens Surgery Patient
November 2020

Being fond of a variety of different sports, David had started to find that his glasses were extremely restrictive.

Struggling to see the ball during tennis and even missing the occasional pothole when cycling, he finally decided to opt for lens surgery as he believed that it would greatly improve the quality of his life: “When cycling I found it sometimes dangerous as I would find that I would miss the odd pothole here and there, and that there was an element of danger. Then playing tennis was just impossible when there was a wee bit of drizzle of rain”.

Besides struggling when playing his favourite sports, David also became frustrated at having to wear his varifocals. Having a particularly high prescription meant that he would pay anywhere between £800 and £1000 for a pair, and having to renew every 2 years led to these costs starting to add up: “When I found out the cost of the eye surgery, and you do the maths, it doesn’t take long to think in a few years this pays for itself”.

While he occasionally switched to contact lenses, he found the process involved with wearing them to be an inconvenience. Longing for the sensation of being able to see without his glasses or contact lenses, David finally made the decision to opt for lens surgery as he believed this would have a significantly positive impact on his day-to-day life.

While he was a little bit apprehensive at first, he was quickly put at ease when he arrived at his local Optical Express clinic and was surprised at how smoothly everything went: “The whole thing went extremely quickly so I wasn’t sitting about long. Straight in, they done the initial tests, and took me straight into the theatre. Again, I couldn’t believe how quickly that went”.

When asked about his experience with receiving lens surgery at Optical Express, David said: “The sensation now of being able to see without glasses is certainly one that I am happy with. It’s really strange, everything seems brighter, clearer. The professionalism when you walk into the place, the atmosphere is very relaxed, well set up, very clean, and absolutely I would recommend Optical Express”