Patient Reviews

“This has absolutely changed my life”


Laser Eye Surgery
November 2020

David lived with a bad astigmatism for years and this was just one of the many factors that motivated him to have laser eye surgery.

He also relied on contact lenses for his vision correction but when the brand he used was discontinued, he was encouraged to look at the alternative vision correction options available to him. Having now said goodbye to his contact lenses, David explained that opting to have laser eye surgery has changed his life.

David was due to get married at the start of coronavirus pandemic and the thought of having to rely on his contact lenses was really worrying him. He explained, “If my last pair of contact lenses tore, I was going to need to wear my glasses on my wedding day…I really hate wearing glasses…it’s something that’s been a bugbear. I’ve worn glasses since I was about four years old and obviously, my astigmatism just got worse and worse so I thought, if I can’t wear my contact lenses at my wedding I’d be pretty disappointed.” Unfortunately, David’s wedding was postponed due to coronavirus, however now he can look forward to his new wedding day glasses and contact lenses free thanks to Optical Express.

On the day of the surgery, David felt very well looked after by the clinic team at Optical Express in Glasgow, “The staff are absolutely amazing in here. Even the staff that welcome you, bringing you up the stairs to the staff at the reception desk.”

“On the day I came in for my surgery, a quick few measurements were taken and then I went straight in to talk to the surgeon that was taking me and he explained everything in detail. I was really really happy and nerves were just not there”

After his surgery David shared his experience on his personal Facebook account and the response he had from his family and friends was amazing, with many people inquisitive to find out how he got on, ‘I explained it from start to finish and they’re like ‘wow that’s absolutely amazing.’”  

David has already started to recommend laser eye surgery and Optical Express to his friends and family, “I would absolutely recommend Optical Express to family and friends and there’s no other brand I would ever use anymore. Even down to other suppliers for my eye tests, I’ve now changed to Optical Express.”