Patient Reviews

"Honestly, I seriously wish I had done it years ago."


Lens Replacement Surgery
January 2022

Wearing glasses since she was 5 years old, Debbie needed them for every little aspect of her life. The hassle of having two pairs of glasses and having to swap them round depending on the situation had her growing increasingly frustrated- and even then she still sometimes struggled to read!

Recalling what prompted her to eventually go for the life changing surgery she says “I wanted a change, I don’t like wearing them that much and felt as though my eyes were getting worse, and felt as though I was feeling tired more as well, because I was straining and having to swap glasses all the time”

After trying contact lenses but being put off after a bad experience of one getting stuck in her eye, she recalls how laser eye surgery had always been in the back of her mind “I had been considering the surgery for a couple of years, but putting it off, considering it and putting it off”. Debbie even explained that one of her close friends had the surgery 20 years ago and swore by it so finally made the decision to go for it only realising there was nothing to be apprehensive of to begin with.

Debbie was treated at our state of the art clinic in Glasgow and explains that from the word go the care she received was outstanding and exceeded her already high expectations “I think it was 10 minutes per eye and I just wasn’t expecting that”.  This is a life changing surgery for Debbie, who was getting new glasses almost every year and couldn’t do anything without them “It just impacted lots of parts of my life because you’d be doing something fine. Then “Where’s my glasses?” because I’d need to read something.”

Saying she would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it, after having such a fantastic experience, Debbie cannot stress enough how much she wishes she had done it sooner. “Honestly, I wish, I seriously wish I had done it years ago”