Patient Reviews

“My vision is now perfect and it's amazing”

Demi Rose Mawby

Model and Social Media Influencer, Laser Eye Surgery Patient
September 2017

With an Instagram following of over 14 million, model and social media influencer, Demi Rose Mawby has forged an impressive career that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. However the Birmingham-born model admits that wearing glasses continued to cause her problems during demanding photoshoots.

“When I shoot, we go through different weather changes, sand goes in your eyes and the wind, and I thought it would be amazing if I just didn’t need glasses.”

Following a long-standing insecurity with her poor eyesight, Demi decided to take action, visiting the Optical Express Harley Street clinic for a laser eye surgery consultation. There she confessed, she had been concerned about her vision since her early teens, having struggled to read the board at school. “I actually switched off from learning at school because I hated wearing my glasses. It's going to make the biggest difference in my life. At my consultation, the clinic team explained my procedure and I felt at ease and ready for it.”

After the surgery, it didn't take long for Demi to realise the benefits of her treatment. “The surgery didn't last long at all and after 24 hours I could already see the benefits. My vision is now perfect and it's amazing to no longer be short sighted. I don't need to worry about getting dry eyes from wearing contact lenses and I can go on a night out feeling much more confident.”