Patient Reviews

"The aftercare is second to none, which is what you want."


Lens Replacement Surgery
June 2021

Suffering from poor vision, Elaine struggled with glasses and contact lenses for years before finally deciding that it was time to make a change. Not wanting to wear her glasses outside of the house, and finding that her contact lenses would leave her eyes feeling dry and irritated, she was relieved to learn that lens replacement surgery was available to her as an alternative, long-term solution.

“I had glasses and then contacts obviously if I was going out, because I didn’t like wearing glasses, and contacts with dry eyes they just wouldn’t do, they were always itchy and sore,” she explains. Frustrated with the constant hassle and inconvenience, she decided to book in for treatment at our Bridgewater Eye Hospital in Manchester and was able to finally get the visual freedom she desired. Delighted with the speed and ease of the procedure, she commented: “I wasn’t nervous because everything had been explained to me, it was fine. They make you feel at ease and there was no pain, and within three hours I was back home!”

Coming back for ongoing check-up appointments after her surgery in order to monitor her progress and eye health, Elaine was impressed by the comprehensive aftercare programme that Optical Express offers to all of its patients. “The next day I went back, then the week after, then two days after that I had a phone call, then the week after I was here, and then every two weeks I seemed to be back. The aftercare is second to none, which is what you want,” she comments.

Elaine is now over the moon with her restored vision and is relieved to know that she won’t have to deal with outdated vision correction solutions such as glasses and contact lenses any longer. She has already noticed that she feels more confident when going out and meeting friends, and explained how having visual freedom has made her day-to-day life a lot easier: “Cleaning glasses is just like the biggest chore in the world, and especially being a hairdresser, you have to get films put on them so aerosols don’t affect them. So, it’s just things like that, that I don’t have to take into consideration anymore.”

When asked if she would recommend lens replacement surgery at Optical Express to friends and family, Elaine didn’t hesitate: “Definitely, I did look around at other ones but the aftercare here is second to none.”