Patient Reviews

"It’s a whole layer of thinking about stuff that you just don’t have to do anymore."


Laser Eye Surgery
May 2021

Suffering from poor vision, Ellie was forced to rely on contact lenses and glasses on a permanent basis. While she had considered opting for laser eye surgery for years, the final push came when she learned of the detrimental impact that her vision correction choices were having on the environment.

Eager to opt for a solution that would improve her quality of life and reduce her environmental footprint, she decided to book a free consultation at Optical Express to discuss her options.

“I still have the bag that I built up after I learned how destructive they (contact lenses) were, and it was disgusting to see how quickly a sizeable amount seemed to build up. That’s a massive thing, you know, I’m constantly trying to make little tweaks in my life that are more environmentally friendly,” she explains. Also suffering from a severe eye infection as a result of her contact lenses, she decided that it was time to make a change and booked an appointment at our state of the art clinic in Glasgow.

Ellie was treated by Dr Teenan, one of our expert surgeons here at Optical Express, and was delighted with the care he provided on the day of surgery. “Throughout the whole procedure, he checks in, makes sure you’re OK, is constantly comforting you and making sure you know what’s going on. Overall, he was just really fantastic,” she comments. While she had been slightly apprehensive in the run-up to her appointment, she found that she had actually felt at ease throughout the entire process: “The whole team really helps keep you relaxed and calm, and makes it stress-free.”

It has now been over a year since Ellie opted for laser eye surgery, and she is delighted with the positive impact it has had on her day-to-day life. Having complete visual freedom has meant that she no longer has to worry about struggling with contact lenses when suffering from migraines, and travelling has now become a lot more hassle-free: “I didn’t need to take an arsenal of contact lenses and glasses and solutions, there was none of that. It’s a whole layer of thinking about stuff that you just don’t have to do anymore.”

Ellie wouldn’t hesitate to recommend laser eye surgery at Optical Express to others struggling with outdated vision correction solutions such as glasses and contact lenses, commenting: “I don’t know why you wouldn’t do it. Even if you’re frightened by the concept of it, it’s over so quickly. I can’t fault the service I have received, everyone has been wonderful and they’ve kept me relaxed and calm, and it’s gone great.”