Patient Reviews

“Now there is no problem at all, my vision is fantastic.”

Erika & Darren

Laser Eye Surgery
May 2014

Erika and Darren both work at Edinburgh Zoo and their poor eyesight was affecting not only their everyday lives but especially the tasks they carry out at the Zoo. With their work mostly taking place outdoors, their main issues came when it rained as they would be unable to see anything they were working on.

Darren had worn glasses from a young age and eventually started to wear contact lenses as he got older. Having very bad vision he never thought he would be a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery until he visited Optical Express where he discovered he was indeed a suitable candidate for the surgery.  

Before having the treatment, he admitted he was slightly nervous but after his appointment with Optical Express he was made to feel at ease.  He explained “Now that I look at it, I have been more concerned about going for a filling at the dentist.” He is now delighted with the transformation in his vision and the amazing impact it has had to his everyday life.

Erika had also worn glasses from a young age and tried contact lenses only to discover that they weren’t right for her. She has two young children and having glasses with children isn’t always easy as she explained they would try and pull them off her face and in the process stretch the legs etc. On the day of surgery Erika was comforted by the clinic team who made her feel at ease throughout the entire process, commenting “Before you know it was over and you were home.” After surgery she explained “Now there is no problem at all, it is fantastic.”