Patient Reviews

"I didn’t expect to wake up this morning and be able to see like I can. I’m amazingly happy with it."


Laser Eye Surgery
November 2020

Fiona had to rely on glasses and contact lenses for years but found both options to be an inconvenience. Frustrated at how glasses interfered with day-to-day activities and having had issues with contact lenses resulting in multiple trips to the hospital, she eventually decided to start doing research into laser eye surgery.

“I’ve never enjoyed wearing glasses, ever since I started wearing them. Contact lenses, they are a bit of a pain. Numerous times I’ve got a bit stuck in my eyes.”

Fiona decided to book a consultation with Optical Express to go through her options and was delighted to find out she was suitable for LASIK laser eye surgery: “I just felt more comfortable and had a good feeling about Optical Express. I looked on the website and read quite a lot about it before the surgery. All the reviews were positive so I decided to go with them.”

On the day of surgery, Fiona didn’t feel too nervous before heading to her local clinic in Bridgewater. She was surprised by the ease and speed of the procedure, and was delighted to find that her vision had already improved massively when she got up the next morning: “It’s exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect to wake up this morning and be able to see like I can, I thought it would take a lot longer. So I’m amazingly happy with it.”

She is now looking forward to living her day-to-day life without constantly needing to reach for her glasses or contact lenses, commenting that she’s especially excited to go swimming and go for walks with her new found visual freedom.

Fiona is over the moon with her results and has already recommended Optical Express to her partner, who is now considering opting for laser eye surgery as well. When asked if she would recommend the procedure to other loved ones, she said: “I would definitely recommend Optical Express to friends and family, absolutely.”