Patient Reviews

“I would definitely recommend Optical Express.”


Laser Eye Surgery
October 2010

Fiona was over the moon with her laser eye surgery experience at Optical Express, commenting how the clinic team made her to feel at ease throughout the entire procedure and how she was truly amazed at how quick and seamless the treatment seemed to be.

Experiencing no pain or discomfort throughout the procedure, she couldn’t believe just how easy the process was and the results that she achieved.  

Following treatment Fiona spoke about all the things she was truly excited to experience with her new found visual freedom including swimming and scuba diving and being able to see underneath the water. As a lover of sport she can’t wait to get back to enjoying her favourite hobbies commenting how the inconvenience of her glasses would no longer hold her back.

When asked if she would recommend Optical Express to other people considering laser eye surgery she didn’t hesitate commenting, “Yes, I would definitely recommend Optical Express.”