Patient Reviews

"It’s painless, really quick recovery, and it’s the best thing you’ll ever do."


Laser Eye Surgery
July 2021

Gabby first came to see us at Optical Express five years ago, when she considered getting laser eye surgery for her wedding day. Finding that her prescription fluctuated every 9 to 10 months, she was told to wait for her vision to stabilise, and finally returned to us this year. More excited than ever to rid herself of the constant hassle and inconvenience of her glasses, she was delighted to learn that she was now a suitable candidate for treatment, and booked an appointment at our state-of-the-art clinic in Cardiff.

“Thank goodness that I went with their advice five years ago, because my eyesight actually doubled of how worse it was. So, previously five years ago my prescription was -2, and then as of February this year it was -5,” she explains. With her vision having deteriorated to the point where she was forced to wear glasses all throughout the day, she grew increasingly frustrated with the daily inconvenience of them, often having to deal with them falling off during gym classes or steaming up when wearing face coverings.

Gabby was over the moon to learn of her suitability for laser eye surgery and immediately booked in for treatment at our clinic in Cardiff. Feeling nervous when she arrived for her appointment, she was quickly put at ease by the support and care she received from her surgeon and the rest of the team. “Having the actual procedure, it was great, honestly it was better than I expected. You don’t feel a thing, they’re all talking to you and giving you words of encouragement, and you just sit there and let it pass really,” she says.

Finally having the hassle-free vision she so desired, Gabby has already started thinking about a post-surgery bucket list: “Being able to go swimming, being able to do a class without having to get up, put my glasses on, and correct myself. Me and my husband like travelling, so when we get back to travelling I don’t have to put my glasses on and I can just go enjoy sightseeing without needing glasses or prescription sunglasses or anything like that.”

As her sister had previously opted for laser eye surgery and has found it to be the best thing that ever happened to her, Gabby can now finally enjoy the life-changing benefits of vision correction surgery herself. With her father having a similar prescription, she has already recommended treatment at Optical Express to him and will continue to recommend it to others suffering from poor vision. “It’s absolutely amazing, my sister recommended it to me, I’ll recommend it to anyone who’s thinking “Glasses are getting in the way of my day-to-day life” or “It’s really affecting me personally”. Do it, it’s painless, really quick recovery, and it’s the best thing you’ll ever do,” she concludes.