Patient Reviews

“The benefits are absolutely fantastic”

Gary Elliot

Multifocal Lens Replacement Surgery Patient
September 2020

Gary Elliot struggled with wearing glasses for years before deciding to opt for multifocal lens replacement surgery.

Fed up with having to switch between different types of glasses, whether it was for reading, driving, or playing sports, he finally made the decision to go for it: “When I go abroad on holiday I’m taking sunglasses, reading glasses, varifocals, bifocals, and it was just too much. I was just getting fed up and in the end I decided to go for it.”

Besides struggling with the large variety of different glasses he was using, he also found that wearing his varifocal glasses led to a number of issues. While driving, he found it difficult to see when looking sideways, and wearing his varifocal glasses when playing golf meant he often missed the ball as he couldn’t see it properly.

“One thing that’s consistent with the varifocals is that when I’m driving and I look round, it doesn’t work. It’s okay when you are looking up and down, but when you’ve got varifocals on and you are driving and looking around, there is a spot where you can’t see properly.”

While he was nervous to receive treatment on his eyes, he was quickly reassured by his wife who had previously received cataract surgery and could confirm that it had been painless. Deciding to go for it, Gary is now over the moon with the results, and he was able to get back to driving and watching TV without the need for glasses within 24 hours after the procedure.

When asked if he would recommend multifocal lens replacement surgery to others: “I would tell people that there’s nothing to be nervous about whatsoever, that the benefits are fantastic, and to just go for it. I would certainly recommend Optical Express. They have been professional from start to finish and the outcome is fantastic.”