Patient Reviews

“I’ve waited years and years to do this and I should have done it a long time ago.”


Lens Replacement Surgery
November 2018

“I’ve waited years and years to do this and I should have done it a long time ago.” Those were the words of George, who recently received natural lens replacement surgery (NLR) at our Newcastle clinic as he reflected on his experience of the treatment, adding “I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome.”

Before lens replacement surgery, George had great difficulty in focussing close up and wore reading glasses. When his long-distance vision started to suffer as well, he knew it was time to do something about it and came to Optical Express for a free consultation.

George is a photographer by trade and it was through his passion for taking photographs that he realised something was wrong. “I started to notice that images were blurred. I actually sent my cameras away to get them checked only to find it wasn’t actually the cameras, it was my eyes.”

He was naturally anxious before his treatment on the day. “I arrived to friendly faces and smiles; the staff were wonderful and talked me through the process to relieve my anxiety. I cannot fault the process and the staff, they were fantastic. Very reassuring, I think the word is.”

Shortly after his surgery, George had a real defining moment when he went to a local restaurant for a bite to eat. “I had a tear in my eye as I was able to read the menu for the first time in 15 years without glasses on. It was just amazing.”

George has no qualms about recommending the surgery to others. “I would definitely recommend surgery to other people who have similar issues with their eyesight because really it is a life changer and within a few days you really see the difference.” 

Since undergoing treatment at Optical Express, George has bought new camera equipment and can’t wait to go out and get snapping again with crystal clear vision.