Patient Reviews

“100 percent worth it, I would do it again tomorrow.”


Laser Eye Surgery
July 2012

George relied on glasses since the age of 12 years old commenting that without them he would feel lost. Contact lenses never suited him and so he started to contemplate the possibility of having laser eye surgery.

After carrying out research and speaking to a number of people who had had the surgery done themselves he made the decision to go for it and as the UK’s leading provider, choose Optical Express for his treatment.

To begin his journey to visual freedom George attended a consultation at his local Optical Express clinic where all his questions were answered and any concerns he had were put at ease. Within days of having the treatment he couldn’t believe the difference in his vision and was amazed at how quickly his eyes healed from surgery.

Since having laser eye surgery his life has changed for the better. As a keen footballer he has noticed an improvement in his game thanks to his clearer vision and also as a lover of snooker, he can now play the game without having to have the inconvenience of his glasses getting in the way.

As an ice cream delivery driver, George was delighted to find that his time spent driving had been made a lot more enjoyable since his surgery, explaining; “Driving is a real pleasure now, to drive especially at night.”

When asked what his experience was like with the Optical Express team, he said “The team were fabulous, very professional, put me at ease and the aftercare was just superb.”  George wouldn’t hesitate to recommend laser eye surgery at Optical Express to anyone commenting that the procedure was “100 percent worth it, I would do it again tomorrow.”