Patient Reviews

“I can see everything, it is amazing.”

Glenn McCrory, Akash Hussein, Jim Watt

Laser Eye Surgery
May 2014

Akash, an experienced pro-boxer, failed his eye test in 2012 meaning he could not re-new his boxing licence.  Worrying that his career was over in the sport he loved, he decided to take action and had laser eye surgery at Optical Express to correct his poor eye sight, allowing him to get back in the boxing ring.

Glenn McCrory, is a former professional British boxing champion turned trainer, and suffered with poor eye sight for years which didn’t only affect his boxing career, but also stopped him enjoying his other passions in life including cooking and golfing.  Often asked to play at charity golf matches, he found himself in some embarrassing situations where he would have to ask another player to look out for his ball for him and relied on bright coloured golf balls so that he could see them more easily.

Glenn admits that when he was young, he would refuse to go for eye tests as he thought having glasses made your eyes weaker and he didn’t want to have to rely on them to be able to see. As his vision continued to deteriorate, Glenn decided it was time to act and opted for lens replacement surgery at Optical Express.

On the day of surgery, Glenn was reassured and made to feel at ease by the team at Optical Express. After the procedure he was amazed at how good his vision was and, when speaking with his surgeon he expressed “I can see everything, it is amazing.”

Jim Watt, another former boxing champion and commentator also chose Optical Express for his laser eye surgery and described the experience as “Terrific…I haven’t had vision like this since my 20’s. Optical Express have had a huge impact on my life.” Before surgery, he had difficulty driving, especially at night when his eyes would become tired when trying to focus. Jim explained how his sight began to deteriorate as he grew older affecting both his short and long vision. Finding the deterioration in his long distance vision to be more frustrating as he couldn’t see the small print on the television, he took the plunge and decided it was time for a more permanent vision correction solution.

Jim, Glenn and Akash all choose to have their surgery and have never looked back since. Glenn expressed “If anyone is thinking about having it, the greatest gift I think you could ever possibly have is the gift of sight.”