Patient Reviews

“I haven’t worn my glasses since I walked out of the clinic”


Lens Replacement Surgery
February 2022

After spending years struggling with wearing glasses for reading and never believing that surgery was an option for him, Hugh was becoming increasingly frustrated with his deteriorating vision. It wasn’t until an advert came up on his Facebook account for Optical Express that he decided to take the plunge and book in for a free of charge consultation.

Working in hot countries, he found the constant “putting them on and off and up and down, forgetting where I’ve stuck them” when it came to his glasses, to be a major inconvenience in his life. Because of this he came to the realisation that lens replacement surgeryseemed like a good thing to do”. We are now one year on from Hugh’s lens replacement surgery and he is still surprised by how “straightforward” the procedure actually was.

The lack of discomfort Hugh felt during his surgery meant he was able to keep calm throughout the entire procedure. He described the setting of the surgery theatre as being no different than the dentist although “more pleasant than being in a dentist chair actually”. Impressed by his experience, he commented that “the staff were great”, and talks about how they kept him fully informed at each point of the surgery which put him at ease.

On the day of his treatment Hugh came to the Optical Express White City clinic and was highly impressed with the entire process commenting that he felt no pressure, “There was no rushing around” which helped him to feel relaxed and calm.  

Telling anyone who is considering the surgery, Hugh comments “There’s nothing whatsoever to fear about the procedure”. Even now, Hugh is still blown away by his results “I haven’t worn my glasses since I walked out of the clinic”.