Patient Reviews

“It really was remarkable”

Hugh Dallas MBE

Lens Replacement Surgery
May 2022

Ending his on-field career on a high after being selected to referee the 2002 World Cup Final, retired top international footballing referee, Hugh Dallas MBE, spoke about his lens replacement experience at our state of the art clinic in Glasgow and how he has Never looked back since”.

Considered one of Scotland’s greatest referees, Hugh knew things needed to change when he moved from refereeing on the pitch to a career in football education and discovered that his eyesight was not the same as it once was.

While teaching, Hugh realised the main problems he was experiencing with his eyesight came when trying to read from on-screen presentations, or addressing someone at the back of the room. He knew at that point, “Something had to change”.  Only in his late 40s at the time, Hugh also felt that having to wear glasses aged him and made him feel old before his time.

Since having his lens replacement surgery with Optical Express, Hugh has been absolutely amazed at the results commenting, “All of a sudden you’ve got your eyesight back that you had 25 years ago

Talking about his experience with his treating surgeon, world-renowned ophthalmologist Dr Teenan and all of the staff at our state of the art Glasgow clinic, Hugh could not be any more complimentary, expressing, Tthe staff at Glasgow were amazing.” Even noticing the many thank you cards and gifts on display around the clinics reception area, helped to ease any anxiety he was feeling on the day of his surgery commenting, “At no time was I nervous because I trusted the people that I was under”. Speaking on the surgery itself, Hugh was shocked by the “simplicity” of it all remarking, “I was in and out in 5 minutes, 10 minutes”.

Hugh recalled how he felt emotional the morning after the surgery when he noticed the real change in his vision for the first time, describing the experience as, “really remarkable.”

Due to the life-changing results from his lens replacement surgery, Hugh has recommended the treatment to his friends and even his wife who are now all enjoying visual freedom thanks to lens replacement surgery!