Patient Reviews

“I feel at comfort, I’m relieved and I’m happier.”


Laser Eye Surgery
January 2021

Ian wore glasses for many years and found he had become so reliant on them in order to see that they began to impact his life. He tried contact lenses as an alternative vision correction solution but found them uncomfortable and struggled with getting them in and out of his eyes.

As a lover of the gym, Ian would rely on his glasses in order to read instructions on the machinery, which was a major source of frustration for him. Also a keen footballer, Ian explained how his eyesight really bothered him when playing the game; “It would take 5-10 minutes for my eyes to focus and by that time the game had fully begun, it was becoming an inconvenience to my everyday life.”

Ian works as an Architectural Technician and safety is paramount in his job. Often when wearing his glasses at work, as a safety precaution he would also be required to wear safety goggles on top of his glasses, making it visibly harder for him to see.

Over the years, Ian also found that the cost of his designer glasses was adding up and calculated that laser eye surgery would be more financially beneficially for him in the future.  With all of these factors adding up, Ian finally made the decision to have laser eye surgery with the UK’s number one provider, Optical Express.

On the day of surgery, Ian was extremely pleased with the process and how well he was looked after by the team at the Optical Express clinic in Birmingham, commenting “Everyone was really reassuring and upbeat…the colleagues I spoke to everyone was quite energetic and the enthusiasm was at a high.”

Since his surgery, Ian has been amazed at the transformation in his vision and believes his new vision is going to massively improve both his personal and work life, expressing “I believe me having laser surgery is only going to improve and get better from strength to strength as the days and week go by.”

For anyone else who is currently considering laser eye surgery, Ian would highly recommend the treatment, commenting; “Even if you’re a bit apprehensive about it and you feel you’ve got so many negatives about having it done, just go to a consultation.” At Optical Express consultations are free and you can speak to one of our experienced clinicians to find out more information and if you are suitable for the treatment.

When asked if he would recommend Optical Express, Ian said, “I would highly recommend Optical Express to friends and family. I’m only going to speak highly of the procedure that I’ve gone through and will recommend to colleagues and anybody I come across in the future. I feel at comfort, I’m relieved and I’m happier.” Having had his surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ian felt that it gave him a positive boost and the motivation and focus that he needed during a difficult time.