Patient Reviews


Jean-Michel Gauffre

Lens Surgery
March 2013

Restaurant owner, Jean-Michel Gauffre came up against issues whilst cooking and wearing glasses, as they would steam up and get oily, among various other issues, which pushed him to look into having eye surgery.

Jean wanted to be able to read menus, emails and labels on wine bottles without having the inconvenience of constantly searching for his glasses.

Jean-Michel opted for multifocal lens replacement surgery with Optical Express with the aim of not only improving his vision but helping to enhance his everyday life. He explained “The staff at Optical Express were fantastic from day one from the advice to the support they gave.”

After his surgery, he was truly surprised at how vibrant colours were commenting that they appeared much sharper than he could have ever expected. In his restaurant he has many paintings which he can now enjoy so much clearer and brighter than he did before.

When asked how he would describe his experience he said “Fantastic.”