Patient Reviews

"I think Optical Express are the absolute top of the tree."


Lens Replacement Surgery
December 2021

Running a family business that creates luxury chess sets, John often relies on his close-up vision at work but found that he struggled to see intricate details as he got older. When the global COVID-19 pandemic also brought the added frustration of steamed up glasses, resulting from wearing face coverings, he finally decided that it was time to make a change and opted for lens replacement surgery at Optical Express.

“The final nail in the coffin was Covid-19 and masks. I suffered everything else before that,” he explains. As his wife had recently received lens replacement surgery to remove early-stage cataracts and was over the moon with her restored vision, John decided not to wait any longer and booked in for treatment at our state of the art clinic in Glasgow. “One thing that surprised my wife when she got the IOL done was that everything was so bright. If I’m going to see colours more brightly, I’d be delighted,” he commented.

John was treated by world-renowned ophthalmic surgeon Dr David Teenan, who was already familiar to him prior to his surgery. “I knew something of the surgeon, who must be one of the most experienced in the world, and the fact he’s with Optical Express I think says enough about Optical Express” he comments. Not just impressed with his surgeon, John was also delighted with the care and support he received from the rest of the team at our Glasgow clinic on the day of surgery: “It was just astonishing how I was treated, how I was handled, with politeness and utter professionalism. That was just the wonderful thing about it.”

Having found the experience to be life changing, John wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Optical Express to friends and family: “I would honestly recommend it to them as it’s a total change in your life, there’s no question. I can’t really explain just how vast that change is. The fact that they [Optical Express] spend so much time ensuring that the product is developing all the time, that the people they are using are the best in the world, not just the best in the UK, makes Optical Express different.”

“I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. I’m sure others maybe do it, but I think Optical Express are the absolute top of the tree,” he concludes.