Patient Reviews

“I am so delighted with the treatment I had.”

Joshua Teya

Laser Eye Surgery
December 2018

Joshua started wearing glasses at the age of 14 as he was struggling with his vision at school. He researched, as many people do, the different types of laser eye providers that were available and after extensive research Optical Express where the provider that came out of top for him.

He spoke with various patients who had undergone eye surgery with Optical Express and every single one of them gave him glowing reviews which in turn filled him with confidence that Optical Express was the provider to choose for his laser eye surgery treatment.

As an actor, he felt that having laser eye surgery would only benefit his job as he wouldn’t need to worry about his glasses or contact lenses allowing him the freedom to concentrate fully on the role at hand.

On the day of surgery, he felt nervous but the team quickly calmed his concerns and made him feel at ease. The surgeon fully explained the treatment before the procedure and overall Joshua felt in good hands.

Post-surgery, Joshua explained “Now I have the freedom to be able to do activities spontaneously without trying to plan ahead to be sure I have enough contact lenses or glasses.”

He was blown away by the professionalism shown by the staff during the process, commenting; “I am so delighted with the kind of treatment I had and I wasn’t expecting it to be this great, I would 100% recommend laser eye surgery at Optical Express to anyone.”

His advice to anyone is to book a free consultation with Optical Express and speak to one of our expert clinicians about any questions or queries you may have which will calm any nerves or concerns you may be experiencing.