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"The service you get is excellent and the results are amazing."


Lens Replacement Surgery
April 2021

Julia, a Microbiologist from Sawbridgeworth, found that both her contact lenses and glasses had become a major inconvenience when working. With contact lenses resulting in dry and irritated eyes due to air-conditioning in the labs, and glasses being a hindrance when using equipment such as microscopes, she was desperate to find an alternative vision correction solution that would allow her to carry out her work more comfortably and effortlessly.

“Where I work there’s a lot of air-conditioning. So, wearing the contact lenses, they dried out. The glasses, I needed to keep taking them on and off and obviously touching stuff all the time, especially working in a microbiology lab, it’s not so great,” she explains. Also worried about the detrimental effect that her daily disposable single-use plastic contact lenses were having on the environment, she decided to start looking into more sustainable alternatives for her vision correction: “I had daily disposables, so you’ve got all the containers and then the lenses, and I don’t know how well they degrade. I did think it was having a bad impact on the environment.”

Delighted to find that she was a suitable candidate for lens replacement surgery, Julia booked an appointment at her local Optical Express clinic in Chelmsford. She was impressed with the care she received on the day of treatment and was relieved to find that the procedure was both quick and pain-free. “The surgery went really well. I didn’t feel anything at all, it was quick, efficient, and there was no pain,” she says. The following morning, Julia was amazed at how much her vision had already improved, commenting: “I watched breakfast TV in bed and I could read all the writing that I never normally could, so that was good!”

With a skydive for charity scheduled in June, she is looking forward to enjoying it with complete visual freedom: “It will be really nice not having to worry about contact lenses or glasses. I’ll be able to see everything as I come down!” Delighted with the care and service she received throughout her journey with Optical Express, and thoroughly impressed with her results, Julia wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the treatment to friends and family. “My vision is really, really good! I wish I had done it earlier,” she concludes.