Patient Reviews

“It is an amazing feeling.”

Kathleen McDermott

Laser Eye Surgery
January 2014

Kathleen, an actress from Glasgow, decided to have laser eye surgery after experiencing frustration on holiday while in the swimming pool with her children, unable to fully enjoy the experience due to her blurred vision.

Initially concerned that she would be found unsuitable for the treatment due to her prescription, she went to her local Optical Express clinic for a free of charge consultation where she was delighted to find out that she met the requirements for surgery.

Speaking about her experience she said “The Optical Express team were great from start to finish.” On the day of surgery, she was treated by David Teenan who made her feel completely at ease and was very reassuring about the full procedure. She stated “The most surprising thing is how quick it was.”

After the surgery Kathleen was amazed at how fast she could notice the results and when she woke up the following morning she couldn’t believe how clear her vision was, commenting; “It was bizarre, it was an amazing feeling.”

When she attended her post-surgery appointment she was excited to find out just how much her eyesight had improved and it was explained to her that her vision was now better than 20/20.

The biggest benefit Kathleen now finds since her surgery is getting up in the morning and not having the inconvenience of having to put contact lenses in. Thanks to her new found visual freedom, Kathleen can now enjoy going swimming with her children without the worry and hassle of her contact lenses.