Patient Reviews

"They look after you as an individual, not just as a number."


Lens Replacement Surgery
May 2021

Struggling to see long distance, Katrina relied on glasses for daily activities such as driving, exercising, and watching television. Growing increasingly frustrated with the everyday inconvenience of them, as she would often worry about misplacing them or find herself struggling to see when they steamed up, she was keen to find a solution that would give her the hassle-free vision she desired.

When her husband opted for lens replacement surgery in December 2020, massively improving his quality of life, Katrina decided not to wait any longer and booked in for a free consultation. “In the morning, getting up, he could just get up now and do things, whereas before he’d be putting glasses on and everything. So, just the convenience of it, and I just thought ‘I’ll have a go’,” she explains. Delighted to find that she was a suitable candidate for treatment, she made an appointment at our state of the art clinic in Dartford.

Katrina was treated by Dr Dimitris Kazakos, one of our expert surgeons here at Optical Express, and has been delighted with the care and support he provided throughout the entire process. “He was very good, very precise, and just reassured you in the theatre. He explained the process and every time he was putting stuff in your eye, he was explaining what he was doing,” she says.

Just a few days into her recovery period, Katrina already noticed how much clearer and brighter everything seemed. Looking forward to enjoying life with complete visual freedom, she is eager to plan a hassle-free holiday with her family: “It will make a difference when we can go on holiday abroad, because before I would have two pairs of normal sunglasses to wear by the pool, and then I’d put on my other lens glasses to see in the distance. I won’t have that problem anymore, I can just be normal.”

Having drastically improved both Katrina’s and her husband’s quality of life, she wouldn’t hesitate to recommend lens replacement surgery at Optical Express to friends and family. “It’s a very good service, they are very polite and they look after you as an individual, not just as a number,” she comments.