Patient Reviews

“It’s a surreal experience to be able to see things without glasses.”


Laser Eye Surgery
June 2015

Kevin had laser eye surgery with Optical Express at the state of the art clinic located in Glasgow city centre. He had been wearing glasses from a young age and over the years his vison progressively grew worse and worse and so he became dependent on his glasses and contact lenses to see.

As a keen traveller he found his glasses and contact lenses were becoming a burden and so decided to opt for laser eye surgery in order to get rid of them.

On the day of his surgery Kevin felt nervous but was made to feel at ease by the team at Optical Express, Glasgow. He was amazed to see the difference in his vision straight after his procedure and after a good night’s sleep, he came back to the clinic the next day for his post-operative appointment where was delighted to be told the outstanding results from the procedure.

Post-surgery he was amazed at how clear and improved his vision was and felt a new found freedom no longer having to think and worry about his contact lenses and glasses. Kevin expressed; “It’s a surreal experience to see things without having glasses on.”

Kevin wished he had the surgery sooner and would recommend anyone to have the surgery done with Optical Express explaining “The procedure itself was absolutely nothing, easier than giving blood.”