Patient Reviews

“I just wanted the freedom without glasses.”


Laser Eye Surgery
December 2020

Khalid wore glasses from a young age but the desire to have visual freedom without having to rely on them was his biggest motivation in choosing to have laser eye surgery at Optical Express: “I just wanted the freedom, the freedom without glasses”.

He came across a video about laser eye surgery on social media and after hearing the fantastic stories of other people’s surgery experiences he explained he thought it ‘sounded excellent’. As many people do, he carried out research into the different types of procedures and providers available and concluded; laser eye surgery with Optical Express was definitely the best option for him and so booked a free of charge consultation at his local clinic in Meadowhall.

On the day of the surgery, Khalid admitted that he did feel slightly nervous however, he expressed how smoothly the procedure went and how excited he was to see the outcome.

Post-surgery, Khalid was amazed at how much his vision had improved. The biggest challenge for Khalid pre-surgery was his long-distance vision, however, after the procedure, he was thrilled to discover he could recognise people from far away as well as even being able to read number plates on cars at a distance: “The vision improved immediately after eye surgery, which was just a shock to the system.”

Now being able to enjoy the visual freedom from his glasses that he set out to achieve, Khalid wouldn’t hesitate to recommend laser eye surgery with Optical Express to anyone: “It definitely exceeded beyond my expectations and I would recommend anybody to go for it.”