Patient Reviews

“I was amazed that my eyesight was better than 20/20 the morning after surgery”

Lachlan Blair

Laser Eye Surgery
May 2022

We met up with professional enduro mountain bike racer and adrenaline junkie, Lachlan Blair, one week after his laser eye surgery at Optical Express to find out how he was enjoying the incredible transformation in his vision.

As a professional mountain biker, Lachlan was sick of the hassle that contact lenses caused in his sporting career, adding even more stress to the already dangerous sport. Referring to himself as a “typical bad contact lens wearer”, Lachlan would wear his lenses from first thing in the morning to last thing at night, often giving himself dry and uncomfortable eyes.

Discussing how contact lenses affected his career, Lachlan commented that he would already be under pressure on race days and often at the top of a mountain his eyes would start to “dry out” and his contact lens would “shift and move around” making the already mounting pressure even worse. Now, thanks to laser eye surgery, he is looking forward to being able to focus his attention fully on the race at hand.

Telling us about his stress-free surgery day, Lachlan described the experience as, “Brilliant!” He was surprised by how smoothly the whole experience was, commenting how he felt “really in safe hands” thanks to the incredible clinic team who were constantly on hand to offer support or answer any questions. When asked how he felt the day after his procedure, Lachlan commented, “I was amazed that my eyesight was better than 20/20 the morning after surgery”.

Not only has laser eye surgery been life-changing for Lachlan’s sporting career, it has also transformed his lifestyle. Since going back on his bike he has been amazed at the difference in his vision saying his eyes are now, “so fast to react”.

When asked if he would recommend laser eye surgery, Lachlan didn’t hesitate saying, “I’d definitely recommend it. If you’re even thinking about getting it done, just give Optical Express a call. The consultation is free. They’re so friendly and helpful that I’d definitely recommend them,”