Patient Reviews

“Wearing glasses and contact lenses meant I wasn’t able to do the things I loved”

Laura Gilmour

Social Media Influencer, Laser Eye Surgery Patient
October 2018

As a fashion and beauty social media influencer, Laura Gilmour aims to look her best at all times and for her this meant relying on her contact lenses. However, they left her eyes feeling dry and tired so Laura opted to have iDesign LASIK laser eye surgery with Optical Express.

“I had laser eye surgery because before, I was wearing contact lenses from the minute I woke up in the morning to the minute I went to sleep and this caused me to have really dry eyes and just feel tired a lot of the time. I didn’t enjoy it so, laser eye surgery was the perfect option for me and now I have better than 20/20 vision.

On the day of surgery some last minute nerves did kick in however, they were immediately put at ease when she entered the clinic, “Everyone was so lovely and able to answer any last minute questions that I had.  Then I met with my surgeon again.  I had met with David Teenan before my surgery so going into the procedure I felt really relaxed and that I was in safe hands,”

She was surprised and delighted by how quickly she could see the results,”So, when I sat up from having the surgery done I was able to see straight away.  It was a little hazy to begin with but it was a dramatic improvement in my vision from before I went in.  When I then left the clinic my vision was a little hazy still but as the hours went on I was able to see and it got clearer and clearer.  Then the next day, I woke up and my vision was completely perfect. I then visited the clinic and found out that I actually have two lines better than 20/20 vision so I was ecstatic to say the least,”

Since having laser eye surgery Laura has seen a dramatic improvement in her eyesight which will allow her to do more of the things she loves, “Wearing contact lenses or glasses meant that I wasn’t able to do the things that I used to love for example I used to love swimming when I was younger and then when I started wearing contact lenses at 13 it wasn’t really an option anymore.  Now that I have got my eyes done I can swim as much as I like!

Since having my laser eye surgery I can’t recommend Optical Express enough. I’ve been telling all my friends and family even my beautician, my hairdressers, anyone you can think of I’ve been telling them about my experience and how much I would recommend it.”