Patient Reviews

"They’ve been really professional and all the staff have been really helpful."


Laser Eye Surgery
July 2021

Frustrated with having to wear glasses and contact lenses to correct her vision, Laxmi finally made the decision to opt for life-changing surgery during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Struggling with dry eyes, she found that she was unable to wear contact lenses for extended periods of time, as they often led to discomfort. Increasingly forced to rely on her glasses during lockdown, she grew tired of the inconvenience and minor irritations that came with wearing them and decided to book in for a free consultation to see whether she would be a suitable candidate for treatment.

“Small things like watching telly in bed and you’ve got your glasses sort of pushing against your nose. And even on the working day, sort of switching with the laptops and constantly taking the glasses on and off trying to adjust to my vision, I just found it really difficult and annoying,” she explains. Keen to rid herself of the constant hassle and enjoy complete visual freedom, she finally booked in for surgery at our state-of-the-art clinic in Cardiff. “I knew that this was something that would just make everything easier,” she continues.

Laxmi was treated by one of our renowned ophthalmic surgeons, Dr Luca Antico. While she had done extensive research prior to her appointment, she was still relieved to find that he took the time to talk her through every step of the process. “The surgeon had already explained and shown me the equipment that he would use, which was really good because I knew what to expect and what was coming next,” she comments. Waking up the morning after surgery, she was delighted with the drastic improvement in her vision: “I didn’t realise how much detail I’d never looked at in my room. I have just been gazing about and I’m like right, I can see this already.”

Over the moon with the results of her surgery, Laxmi is now looking forward to planning a hassle-free holiday with her family: “I would love to just go on holiday, not have to have sand in my eyes and worrying about it messing up contact lenses and carrying them around. Definitely want to go swimming, really want to be in the water and contact lenses and glasses have just been a constant nightmare.”

When asked if she would recommend laser eye surgery at Optical Express to friends and family, Laxmi didn’t hesitate. “I absolutely would recommend Optical Express, they’ve been really professional and all the staff have been really helpful. I’ve had a great turnaround, they’ve been really supportive, listened to all my questions and you know, everything that was really important to me about doing the surgery, you know, really made it happen and I am really grateful.”