Patient Reviews

“It’s like having HD on all the time, it’s incredible!”


Laser Eye Surgery
December 2020

Lee wore glasses for almost 15 years and noticed that he had started to depend on them more and more as he was getting older. Affecting his confidence, as he felt that glasses didn’t suit him, Lee finally decided to book a consultation to see if he would be suitable for laser eye surgery and had been considering the procedure for a number of years.

“I’ve always had it in the back of my mind to get laser eye surgery to get my eyes corrected, and I’ve been putting it off and off. I knew I was due an eye test and I thought I might as well look into getting my eyes lasered once and for all.”

Excited to be rid of his glasses, Lee didn’t feel nervous on the day of surgery. Already having read up on the procedure, he felt at ease when he arrived at his local clinic in Newcastle and was surprised to find that the procedure was over within a matter of minutes: “The day was good, I wasn’t nervous, I was more excited to get it done. I knew roughly the procedure that was going to happen. I’m surprised how quick it was to be fair. I thought it was going to be a bit longer and when they said they were finished I was like ‘what?’”.

Lee received treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic, but felt comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. He was highly impressed with the measures that had been taken at his local clinic: “I felt safe coming in. People were social distancing and all the chairs were spaced out, hand wash, wearing a mask at all times. I just didn’t feel it was any risk at all to be fair.”

Coming out of treatment, Lee was eager to find out how his vision had improved and was ecstatic to learn that it was better than 20/20. Remarking that it felt like being reborn, he wishes that he had done it ten years ago and now looks forward to being able to perform daily tasks without the need for his glasses: “It’s the sharpness, it’s like having HD on all the time, it’s incredible! I don’t need to buy new frames or lenses and it’s just peace of mind, I’ve got it done and got my vision back the way it should be.”

Over the moon with his results, Lee wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Optical Express to anyone considering laser eye surgery: “I would recommend Optical Express to anyone, my friends, and my family, anyone who’s thinking about getting it done. I would definitely say go ahead and do it. I’ve been checked up today and my eyesight has been confirmed and it’s a lot better than it was, it’s back to pretty much near perfect or better. I’m just over the moon with everything.”