Patient Reviews

“It really has changed my life for the better.”


Laser Eye Surgery
November 2012

Since having laser eye surgery Leila’s life as a mum has become a whole lot easier. Getting up in the middle of the night to tend to her young children was always a real struggle as not only would Leila have difficulty seeing, she was also constantly frustrated with the hassle of searching for her glasses.

Leila also found her glasses to be a huge inconvenience when travelling as she regularly misplaced and forget them. Her life has now been transformed since having laser eye surgery with Optical Express; “It has given me more freedom now.”

Her journey with Optical Express was made smooth and easy thanks to the experienced team of professionals who looked after her at every step of the process. She found the staff to be very informative and helped to calm her nerves when it came time for her surgery.

When asked if she would recommend laser eye surgery with Optical Express she said “I would really recommend the eye surgery it really has changed my life for the better.”