Patient Reviews

“I’m only sorry that I didn’t get this done 10 years ago.”


Lens Replacement Surgery
December 2020

Being fond of home improvement and often found doing various jobs about the house, Leslie grew increasingly frustrated with having to wear glasses and was eager to find an alternative vision correction solution. With the global coronavirus pandemic also bringing the added frustration of his glasses steaming up while having to wear a face mask, he finally decided to look into lens replacement surgery at Optical Express.

“I like to do jobs about the house, and with glasses, the two things just don’t go together. Plus with the COVID-19 restrictions and having to wear a mask all the time, my glasses were constantly steaming up and it was just a nightmare,” he explains.

Leslie wasn’t sure which vision correction solution would be the best option for him and found that his age left him unsuitable for treatments such as laser eye surgery. However, he was delighted to find that he was eligible for lens replacement and chose to go to Optical Express, the UK’s number one private provider for his treatment: “A few years ago I looked into it but they didn’t do anything that would leave me not needing glasses. So, this latest multifocal lens was the way to go for me.”

While he was slightly nervous on the day of surgery, Leslie was surprised to find that the procedure was both quick and pain-free. “I was nervous but there was nothing to be nervous about because there was no pain. It was just an awareness of it being done and that was it,” he explains. Receiving treatment during the global coronavirus pandemic, he was impressed with the measures that had been implemented at the Glasgow clinic, commenting: “The place is spotless, so it’s not as if you need to think ‘better not touch this, better not touch that’. Everything was spot on.”

After his treatment, Leslie was delighted to find that his vision improved rapidly: “I left here and went up to the hotel, and that night I got a text and read it, and it wasn’t until after I read the text that I suddenly realised ‘Wait a minute, I don’t have any glasses, I can’t do that’. And I was able to!” He is now looking forward to picking up his home improvement tasks again, but without the constant inconvenience of having to wear glasses. “It will be terrific, there’s no doubt about it. Obviously, there will be jobs now that I didn’t see properly before that I’ll need to go and redo,” he laughs.

Leslie wouldn’t hesitate to recommend lens replacement surgery to anyone looking for an alternative to glasses and contact lenses: “I’m 71, so I’m only sorry that I didn’t get this done 10 years ago. I think the biggest thing for people is, is it worth putting yourself through? But there’s nothing to be put through. There’s nobody that is a bigger coward than me, and I’ve done it. As far as I’m concerned, if you need to get your eyes done, Optical Express is the place to go to.”