Patient Reviews

"The treatment I received is just brilliant."


Lens Replacement Surgery
April 2021

Liviu, a Maintenance Engineer from London, was forced to start wearing glasses when his vision suddenly deteriorated 3 years ago. Working with automated machines and hand tools, often in low-light environments, he found that his glasses were a major hindrance at work, and feared that they were impacting on his efficiency.

Eager to find a vision correction solution that would allow him to carry out his work more effectively, he decided to book a consultation at Optical Express.

“I find it difficult while at work. I felt like my efficiency basically was going down a bit since I started wearing glasses, just because sometimes I was struggling in dark environments and things like that, to see properly,” he explains. Also fond of swimming in his spare time, he felt like his poor eyesight was leaving him at risk of trips and falls during his visits to the swimming pool: “I like going swimming, and obviously I was removing my glasses in the swimming pool. I was feeling unsure about where I was stepping and what I’m doing, especially as the tiles are slippery, so you have to be careful. So, it did affect my everyday life.”

Deciding to book in for treatment at our Dartford clinic, Liviu was impressed with how welcoming and supportive staff had been throughout his journey with Optical Express. As he was slightly apprehensive on the day of surgery, he was relieved to find that his surgeon took the time to talk him through the process: “The staff were very welcoming and supportive, because I can’t say I wasn’t scared. The surgeon was very informative and I believe he’s done a very good job,” he says.

Liviu is amazed at the clarity of vision achieved after surgery, commenting: “I feel like it’s better than before I had glasses when I had my normal vision without wearing glasses.” Over the moon with his results, he is looking forward to returning to work with more confidence. “I want to go back to work now just because I won’t have that feeling that you know, I might need to read a serial number on a machine and I won’t be able to see it properly. That gives me confidence,” he says.

When asked if he would recommend Optical Express to friends and family, Liviu didn’t hesitate: “I would definitely recommend Optical Express to anyone, not only to my friends and family. The treatment I received is just brilliant. I feel very good. I feel different first of all, but in a good way.”