Patient Reviews

"I feel like I’ve definitely had an increase in confidence."


Laser Eye Surgery
July 2021

Growing increasingly frustrated with having to wear glasses and contact lenses to correct her vision, Lucy opted for life-changing laser eye surgery for her 21st birthday. Not wanting to wear her glasses on holidays and nights out, she would often switch to contact lenses but found that these left her eyes feeling strained and tired. Eager to rid herself of the constant hassle, and with her 21st birthday fast approaching, Lucy decided to book in for a free consultation at Optical Express and was delighted to find that she was a suitable candidate for treatment.

“It’s just the strain on your eyes, I constantly got dry eyes from wearing contact lenses and even going on a night out and thinking ‘Oh I need to take my contacts out, I’ve had them in for a while’. Just the whole wearing of the contacts was quite a pain,” she explains. Also wanting to do her bit for the environment, as wearing daily disposables meant that she would be throwing single-use plastic lenses in the bin every single day, she was glad to find that laser eye surgery was available to her as a more environmentally-friendly alternative: “I wore daily disposables, so you’re constantly chucking them away. So, I feel like laser eye surgery is my way of helping the environment.”

Feeling very excited in the run-up to her appointment, Lucy didn’t have any worries or apprehensions when she arrived at our Liverpool clinic for treatment. “The staff were so nice with it all, they didn’t make me feel worried or anything. There’s nothing to worry about. A tiny bit of discomfort but that doesn’t last a while at all,” she says. On her way to her follow-up appointment the next day, she was surprised to find that she could now see the bus coming from miles away: “I normally can’t see the bus until it gets a bit closer with my glasses and my contacts, but I could see it from miles away which is insane.”

Lucy is now looking forward to booking a hassle-free holiday abroad, and is excited at the prospect of being able to jump into the pool without any worries. “I’ll be able to literally jump into the pool and be able to see. To go for breakfast without wearing prescription sunglasses all the time,” she comments. Delighted with her newfound visual freedom, she wouldn’t hesitate to recommend laser eye surgery at Optical Express to her friends and family: “The staff are lovely and I think that really helps the process. I just feel amazing, I feel excellent, I feel like I’ve definitely had an increase in confidence as well.”