Patient Reviews

"It will make a world of difference, it does away with the need for glasses completely."


Lens Replacement Surgery
September 2021

Wearing glasses for most of his life, Mark decided to opt for lens replacement surgery when he realised that they were becoming more and more of an inconvenience as he grew older. Relying on them to be able to ride his motorcycle, he found that it was difficult to find a pair that he could comfortably wear underneath his crash helmet, and he often struggled to see on both cold winter and warm summer days.

“Misting up in the winter and covered in bugs in the summer. You know, it’s just a pain,” he explains. “It was just something I had to be aware of all the time. I ride a motorcycle, so I had to buy a crash helmet that I could get glasses inside,” he continues. As multiple of his colleagues had previously opted for lens replacement surgery and had told him all about the life-changing experience, he decided not to wait any longer and booked in for treatment at our state-of-the-art clinic in Bristol.

While Mark felt slightly apprehensive at first, hearing about the experiences of the people around him made him feel more at ease in the run-up his appointment: “A couple of people I work with have had it done. One guy had it done for cataracts and he said ‘You’ll never look back, you’ll never regret it’. I was apprehensive, a little bit nervous, but I’d heard enough information from other people to know that it was OK.”

Mark has now received treatment and was delighted to find that his vision improved day by day. “I’ve just been able to see a little bit clearer, a little bit further. The TV seems a much nicer picture, I look at it saying ‘that’s bright’,” he comments. He has also finally met the driving license standards for HGVs without the need for his glasses, which was something he didn’t think was possible prior to his surgery: “That is the main reason I came to get it done because I want to continue to work.”

Over the moon with his restored vision, Mark wouldn’t hesitate to recommend lens replacement surgery to others struggling with outdated vision correction solutions such as glasses: “If you’re unhappy with your glasses and fed up of spending two, three hundred pounds every time you need a new set, get it done because it’s money well spent. It will make a world of difference, it really will. It does away with the need for glasses completely.”