Patient Reviews

"The staff have been brilliant and it’s such a calming place."


Lens Replacement Surgery
April 2021

Mark relied on contact lenses and glasses for over 20 years, but grew increasingly frustrated with the way they left him feeling restricted in his day-to-day life. Enjoying an active lifestyle, he was keen to participate in activity weekends with friends and family, but often felt limited in what he could do. Eager to find a vision correction solution that would give him more freedom in his everyday life, he booked a consultation at Optical Express and was delighted to find that he was a suitable candidate for lens replacement surgery.

“Trying to wear glasses while swimming, or going to an aqua park and stuff like going down the slide, you’re limited to what you can do. Go-karting or things like activity weekends, you can’t really do any of that,” he explains. Fed up with the constant hassle and inconvenience, he decided to book in for treatment at our Bridgewater clinic in Manchester.

While he was slightly apprehensive on the day of surgery, he immediately felt reassured when he arrived at the clinic. “The staff have been brilliant and it’s such a calming place to come into, it’s not hectic. Everything just flows nicely. There’s no rushing about,” he says. Receiving treatment from highly experience ophthalmologist Dr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez, one of our esteemed surgeons, Mark appreciated how understanding and supportive he was throughout the process, leaving him feeling at ease when he went into surgery: “He explained everything slowly, thoroughly, and calmly. Any questions I wanted to be answered or go over again, he was happy with that. He’s really, really good.”

Coming in for his check-up the following day, Mark was delighted to find that he had achieved better than 20/20 vision. Looking back on a great experience, and feeling over the moon with his results, he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend lens replacement surgery at Optical Express to friends and family. “The team have been absolutely fantastic from the first consultation meeting we had. There’s no pressure and everything is explained. They are a good team and I would certainly highly recommend it. It’s life-changing in itself so yeah, I feel brilliant,” he comments.